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Presenting the new Haulotte HA26 RTJ PRO articulated platform that incorporates the same constructive principles as the previous 16 and 20 m HA16 and HA20 models.

The new articulated platform reaches an operating height of 26 m, maintaining the highest safety performance levels and low running costs.
Haulotte engineers also focused on driving systems and how to make fluid arm movements, both simultaneous and proportional. Three elements guarantee the greatest of all this and consequently safety and comfort:

• Stiffness of the arm;
• Perfectly fixed arm kinematics thanks to the built-in computer;
• Automatic arm damping when approaching the full extension

In addition, for greater visibility, the new HA26 arm can be raised vertically even when the machine moves at full speed, which gives operators greater visibility during the maneuvers.

Together with the overall weight and size, the design of the new HA26 offers the ability to move to a work area optimized by three key factors:

• Working height of up to 26.4 m;
• Vertical jib travel of 9.3 m to easily overcome any obstacle;
• A maximum horizontal reach of 17.5 m to reach the most inaccessible areas

In addition, the platform has a 230 / 350kg (optional) double load capacity, oscillating axle, differential hydraulic clutch to effectively distribute power to the wheels, high ground clearance, reduced steering radius and optimized chassis to maneuver In confined spaces and a slope of up to 45% make the new HA26 platform capable of challenging off-road routes.

Finally, look at machine management and maintenance. The Stop Emission system stops the engine when it is unused and automatically restarts it on necessity. This solution reduces the use of engine and components by up to 20%, thus extending the life and maintaining a high residual value of the machine, while reducing fuel consumption and operating costs.

Since the machine has reduced noise levels of up to 20%, operators can work in sensitive areas (hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc.).

The chassis frame and hoods are made up of easily removable components. In case of wear-over replacements, only remove the damaged component; A quick, simple and inexpensive solution.

With ACTIV'Screen integrated diagnostics, operators have direct and easy access to details and complete troubleshooting, machine settings, maintenance alerts and maintenance intervals as well as a customization of general settings such as interface language and unit of measurement.

The new HA26 is also predisposed for connection to telematic fleet management systems.

The HA26 RTJ PRO is a versatile machine for many applications:
• Construction
• Finishes
• Maintenance and Restructuring
• Industrial applications
• Demolition
• Environmental Maintenance
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The Festa Group presents the Crawler Platforms that can operate from 7 up to 14 meters of work thanks to the brand new BIBI 14-70.

BIBI machines are equipped with the innovative bi-leveling undercarriage capable of overcoming any kind of slope which allows it to be used in all types of terrain, with very extreme conditions and large slope variations.

This is all the result of a 4 × 4 "scissor" that can move in the reduced spaces of a vertical machine from inside.

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The collaboration between our company and Wacker Neuson has led to us becoming an official dealer, a leader in the field of earth moving and more.

With the Wacker Neuson brand, the group markets worldwide hand-held construction equipment such as compactors, vibrators, hammers, cutting tools, internal and external vibrators and site technicians, as well as compact construction machinery such as compact excavators, wheel loaders, dumper and compact blades.

For more information please contact us at 0835.388537 or write to

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Gruppo Festa has partnered with Magni Telescopic, a leader in the sector of telescopic lifts.

For more information, please contact us on 0835.388537 or write to

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We are pleased to announce the renewal of our dealership with Palfinger Platforms Italy, and at the same time, the expansion of our sphere of action by becoming an official dealer of Palfinger Platforms Italy for the Basilicata, Apulia and Calabriaregions.

This already excellent relationship has now been cemented, and
Gianni Dispoto has been appointed commercial manager of PPI platforms for the Puglia area.

“For us, this is a source of pride and is introducing renewed confidence in the market,” said Adriano Festa, proprietor of his namesake company, and the same Gianni Dispoto, “which will have a solid, reliable reselling point and service that causes our brands to fly high, consequently benefitting our clients.” Those clients have in fact already rewarded us with ten orders, with a profound commitment to promoting products by Palfinger Platforms Italy in their areas of expertise.

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